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Oct. 28th, 2008

Risk of Short Selling, Short Squeezes and the Stupid SEC Pattern Day Trade Rule (PDT)

I just experienced first hand one of the worst rules of the US Stock marketThe Pattern Day Trade Rule… in laymen’s terms:

You can’t make more than 3 day trades within a 5 business day period unless you have $25,000 in your account, or else you will get a $25,000 margin call and a 90 day margin restriction put on your account.

This is horrible, because when a good play comes up to either buy long or sell short for some intraday profits, you have to hold on overnight or risk losing big.

My first hand experience with this today taught me a VALUABLE (read: expensive) lesson about short selling and the pattern day trade rule in the US Stock market.

An awesome play came up today with HSN, Inc. ($HSNI). Basically the stock went from $3 to $6 within a few days, and so it was a great short sale opportunity. So I shorted the stock because I thought that I could hold on and be safe. I shorted around $6 and was happy when the stock dropped to $5.50 – until a a Short squeeze came up (people covering their short to reap profits).

The short squeeze was horrible! The stock went up from $5.50 all the way up to $7.50! That’s a 36% difference! The stock closed are $7 (remember, I was short, so a rise in the stock price means a drop in my portfolio)

Because of the Pattern Day Trade rule (PDT) I couldn’t exit my position at all!! I had to hold on overnight, and risk even more loss from a morning gap up!!

Now, the ISSUE HERE IS NOT SHORT SELLING – remember, I was up intraday from $6 to $5.50 – but because of the Pattern Day Trade rule, I couldn’t exit my position and reap those profits (as of my writing this post, I’m praying it doesn’t gap up).

This taught me a 2 very valuable lessons.

1.) Don’t mess with the PDT rule and hope that you can beat the market, especially in volatility!
2.) Don’t hold onto a successful Short Sale in hopes of greedy profits!!

Now, my portfolio is up 20% because of taking the advice of Timothy Sykes and Tim Alerts, and in fact, this play was a result of Tim Sykes. If I had followed the rules, I would’ve actually made almost $400 on this trade if I could’ve exited with my position and followed his alerts – but because of the rule, I could’ve follow the RULES OF SHORT SELLING and exit.

This is a valuable life lesson in stock market dynamics and I will remember this FOREVER!

Tommorrow – I will publish a video about the success of Timothy Sykes and Tim Alerts on this trade, but if you haven’t seen what Tim has going on, go over to his website now! Timothy Sykes Blog & Tim Alerts.

Currently, Tim is up 150% this year so far, and about 190% above the market so far in the last year! And he is getting results for those who FOLLOW HIS RULES! GET TIM ALERTS NOW!

So in all – I would say, I’m really not down emotionally on this trade too much, but it really taught me a lot! Thanks Tim! I owe you one man!

...on another note, watch this video… it’s pretty intense about the New World Order!

The Complete Idiots Guide To The New World Order

Alex Jones and InfoWars.com

Oct. 7th, 2008

October 6th, 2008 - I made $156 this morning! TIMalerts Works!

So I got my first TIMalert today from Timothy Sykes, author of an american hedge fund who turned $12,000 into a cool $2 MILLION in 3 years! Creator of the Pennystocking DVD series!WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE HOW IT PLAYED OUT!

Oct. 6th, 2008

Who Is Timothy Sykes?

Watch this video NOW!


This is why I'm so passionate. There really IS money to make with his training, and that's what I plan to do.

Watch my results on Covestor - you can see how good OR BAD I'm doing in the stock market. This is my REAL track record - haven't used any Tim trade's yet though, which is why im hardly up.

Add me to follow me, or ADD me on TWITTER to get updates on my stock market trades:

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Oct. 3rd, 2008

Timothy Sykes Exposed - The Truth Behind The Lies!

I made this video last night. Check out this website:



Oct. 2nd, 2008

Professional Film Critic Review of My Short Film, Armed Conflict!

Check this out!! I posted my short film, ARMED CONFLICT (if you haven't seen it yet, there's a link at the bottom of this post), and I found a movie review that was professionally done by Videomaker Magazine when it won in thier 2004 Videomaker Magazine Short Video Contest! Check out the official review here. I got an "above average rating"! Sweet!

If you haven't seen the original short film, go to the FILMS section of "HotForVideo.com" or click here:


Jeremy Krakowski

Oct. 1st, 2008

HotForVideo.com Live 24/7 TV Show!


If you remember my last blog post, I talked about Ustream.TV - the FREE Live Video streaming software. I'm gonna preview part of my next blogpost, it's going to talk about a service that's even easier and simpler to use called Mogulus.

It's actually more streamlined and just alot more user friendly. So here's the preview of the technology:

I will actually be implimenting this technology into something REALLY amazing that I can't tell you about yet, but let me tell you it will revolutionize the way you do video. It is the answer to technology meets the real world and how to use it to grow your business, improve your relationships, and just do some amazing cool videos!

Be sure to get free updates and follow us on Twitter!

FREE Live Webcast Software - USTREAM.tv - Hot For Video.com


Ustream.tv is a FREE live streaming webcast software server for broadcasting yourself for business, personal, or just plain fun.

Compared to all other free services, Justin.TV and Mogulus, it is the best in terms of professional layout and business feel.

This technology cost in excess of $25,000 per shoot just a year ago, now can be accomplished absolutely free!

To find out more about how to use this technology, go to Hot For Video.com!

This software can be used for Direct sales, online dating, long distance dating, streaming TV shows, your own internet broadcast, internet marketing, video seminars and more!!


Some of My Old Short Student Films from 2004-2005

Sinking Ships - Hot For Video.com - Military Short Film from hotforvideo

This was a short film that I made back in 2005 (wow - 3 years ago).

I wrote the story in about 3 days, and we shot it 2 days later - so it was a FAST production. Please excuse all the horrible acting. This was just for fun.

I hope you like looking back at my WAYBACK machine!

This video was done in 24P using advanced conversion methods that you can find more out about at my website.

Armed Conflict - Hot For Video.com - Short Film

I was awarded "BEST YOUNG FILMMAKER 2004" in Videomaker Magazine for this short film.

This was a short film that I made in about 2 weeks back in 2004.

The film was actually shot on a SONY DSR-TRV240 Digital8 camera and edited with Sony Vegas. Audio was done with a shotgun mic.

I think it came out good for the lack of materials that we had - and for only being like 17 years old with ZERO budget.

I hope you can appreciate this film as much as I do.

No Greater Love (Short Film) - 24 Hours Contest Winner

Won The Big Red Button "~ 60 Hour Short Film Contest" Check out the other entries here.

Depressed about his life and relationships, a teenager takes drastic measures to try to ease his pain.

This is a very powerful film and it's subject matter is not to be taken lightly. It's a very real thing in today's society.

NOTE This film is not to be taken completely seriously. It was not scripted out - The idea came up within 2 hours and filming the next 3 hours - editing after. This was not supposed to be a masterpiece

Blackbird - 24P Test

This was the first time I discovered 24P conversion, so I did a quick and silly test. Just check it out. Enjoy.